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The most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite

The next generation of professional publishing software, Affinity Publisher is a powerhouse on its own. But when you really want to push the boundaries of what you can do, StudioLink is unlike any other technology.

In order to create the perfect layout, designers have always had to work across three separate apps—a desktop publishing app, a photo editing app and a vector drawing app.

You needed to edit photos and graphics in separate applications, then save and export before importing into your desktop publishing software. If photo or graphics needed to be edited again, you had to repeat the entire arduous process.

For too long, millions of creative professionals have found their workflow hindered by this painful process—by incompatible file types, apps which don’t work properly together, and awkward workarounds which cost valuable time. But imagine if you could link your suite of creative apps and access all your core tools and functionality within a single studio, a single workflow…

Now you can.

Complete integration

Nearly ten years ago we had a vision—to create an all-new suite of professional creative applications that worked seamlessly together. They would be multi-platform and share exactly the same file format, and we’d utilise the latest hardware technology like multi-core processors and GPUs and build in core pro functionality from the start.

We finally were able to reveal the fundamental core of that vision when we launched Affinity Publisher and revealed its groundbreaking StudioLink feature.

StudioLink has unlocked an incredibly fluid, unique new way of working by allowing users to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without ever leaving the app.

Check out Affinity Publisher and StudioLink in action:

This level of cohesion within a creative suite of apps is something that had never been done before and it’s been a complete gamechanger to the workflow of creative professionals around the world. It’s what we had been working towards all those years and is why we called our apps Affinity. It’s also one of the reasons Publisher was chosen as Apple’s Mac App of the Year 2019.

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To fully experience StudioLink, you also need to own our other apps in order to unlock their toolsets in Publisher—check them out below.

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